Being on Time; a Cultural Difference

In the united state, it is important to be on time, or punctual, for an appointment, a class, a meeting, etc. however, this may not be true in all countries. The explanation for these differences is complicated. People from Brazilian and North American cultures have different feelings about lateness. In Brazil, the students believe that a person who usually arrives late is probably more successful than a person who is always on time. In fact, Brazilians expect a person with status or prestige to arrive late, while in the united state lateness is usually considered to be disrespectful an unacceptable. Consequently, if a Brazilian is late for an appointment with North American, the American may misinterpret the reason for the lateness and become angry.

How about in Indonesia? It is easy to say that in Indonesia lateness is a very bad habit only for someone who has a good discipline and highly use the time for an added value activities. In other word, most of Indonesians love to be late. This is one of cultural differences between advanced country and developed country. Perhaps Indonesia will be developed country till the end of the day if the people never change their bad habit; always in late. Time is a sword that you will never get back when you spend it for useless things. So, being on time is one of many ways in which we keep the time on schedule.


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