Creating Campus Environments for Improving Student’s English skills

As English student we are expected to learn about English more deeply so that we can reach the goal. It means that we are able to master English professionally. We know that Language is a habit, and a habit can be created by environment where we lived, especially environment where we spend most of the time in it. And for student of course most of the times spend at campus. It will be a big opportunity to take the advantages from this situation. Moreover, campus environment influences many students’ school activities. Therefore we are able to create our campus environment for improving our English.

We are able to try to make such kind of an English area at campus. It doesn’t need to spend huge amount of financial. We just make an appointment with group and community. Like an English organization, club discussion, classmate club and Conversation club. We can name them as City of English people. City of English people are the community who’s merged in an appointment to speak English in the daily activities. We create the situation by using English for communication. For example, the payment counter with English for service, canteen which is English for communication , place for Vocabulary building, Grammar house with group meeting to discuss about grammar, city of reading which is available with English library, and conversation classes with different and up to date topics every day.

Most people learning English all over the world have very little opportunity to practice and almost no chance of practicing with a native speaker. With city of English people that’s no longer a problem! We don’t need to find native speakers to practice our English. The City of English People will provide you with a virtual English speaking home and city – you can practice your English at any time and talk to someone you want. Because creating environment is very important for having good English. Therefore we are able to practice and more practice so that we become more confident in English. Good luck for finding and building your City of English people to make your English better.


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