Buto Ijo

Act 1
Narrator : A long time ago, there was a peasant couple. They lived in a village near a forest. They lived happily. Unfortunetely, they didn’t have any children yet. Everyday, they prayed to God for a child.

Mother : Oh, God.. please give us a child. I promise I will always proect my child. Please answer our prayer. Thank you God.

Act 2
Narrator : One day, The Green Giant, Buto Ijo, passed by their house. He heard what they were praying for.

Mother : Oh, my God!Who are you?

Giant : I’m Buto Ijo.

Father : Who’s that honey?

Mother : Oh husband, Buto Ijo is in front of our home. I’m scared, he will kill both of us.

Giant : Whoa…ha…ha don’t be afraid. I’m not going to kill you. But I will fulfill you request to have a child.

Father : What? Are you kidding?

Giant : No…no.. I’m serious, yes I’m serious. If you don’t believe me, it doesn’t matter.

Mother : All right… All right. My husband, let’s see. What he can do to help us.

Giant : Look, here are some cucumber seeds. Plant these seeds, then you’ll get a daughter.

Father : Do you mean it? It’s so easy.

Giant : Yes, I mean it. But remember, on her seventeenth birthday, I’ll come back to take the girl.

Mother : Oh, husband.. please I want a child. Let’s try his offer.

Father : But.. but.. alright, alright. Okay, I’ll take your offer.

Mother : Oh, thank you Buto Ijo.

Giant : Whoa…ha..ha.. See you again seventeen years from now. And remember your promise.

Act 3
Narrator : The couple planted the seeds. Months later, a golden cucumber grew in the yard. The cucumber was getting bigger and bigger each day. When it was ripe, they picked it.

Father : Wife, take a look at this cucumber, what a big one.

Mother : It is, husband. I think it’s time to us to open it up. Don’t you think so?

Father : Yes, let’s cut it into two.

Narrator :Carefully, they cut the cucumber into two. To their surprise, they found a beautiful baby girl inside the cucumber. How joyful they were.

Mother : Look, husband!There is a baby girl inside this cucumber.

Father : Yes, there is. Oh God, thank you so much… thank you so much.

Mother :I think I will name her Timun Mas, husband.

Father : I agree with you because she came from the cucumber and she is really cute and has fair skin.

Act 4
Narrator : Years passed by and Timun Mas grew into a lovely girl. Her parents were very proud of her but their hearts hurt so bad when they remembered their promise to Buto Ijo. The couple then remebered that there was a sacred hermit living in the mountain. So, they went there for help.

Mother : Please, good hermit, help us. Don’t let Buto Ijo take our dearest daughter. She’s been with us for seventeen years.

Father : Yes, good hermit. I can’t do anything to prevent him. What shall we do? Please help us.

Hermit : Please stop crying. Here is a bundle. There are four tings and massagges inside. They will help Timun Mas run away from the giant.

Father : Thank you, good hermit.

Act 5
Narrator : On Timun Mas’ seventeenth birthday, Buto Ijo came for the couple promise.

Giant : Whoa…ha…ha… Hey, peasant.. Where is your daugther? I come here to pick her up. Remember the promise you said to me.

Father : Be patient.. Buto Ijo.. Timun Mas, my daughter is playing in the field.

Giant : Huh.. I know you’re lying. But never mind I’ll find her by myself.

Father : Timun Mas, come here, child. Take this bundle. It contains chili seeds, salt, cucumber seeds, and shrimp paste. Throw each of them when the giant gets closer to you. These will help you get away from the giant. Run as fast as you can.

Act 6
Narrator : The giant chased Timun Mas and he was getting closer and closer. Timun Mas then took a handful of salt from the bundle. She spread out the salt. Suddenly, a wide sea appeared between them. The giatn had to swim to rach her.

Giant : Ho..ho..ho.. You think you can run away from me. No way, ….Whoa..ha..ha.. C’mon I’ll get you.

Timun Mas : Oh, no … He’s closer right behind me.

Narrator : Timun Mas was stll runnign but now the giant almost caught her. Quickly, she took the chili seeds and threw them at the giant. The trees grew some throns as sharp as a knife. The giant screamed painfully.

Giant : Ouch..ouch.. This girl is not nice!. You want to pay with me. Okay, what’s the game, huh?

Timun Mas : Oh, no!He is still chasing me. I must run.

Narrator : But the giatn was very storng. Again he almost caught Timun Mas. So, Timun Mas took the cucumber seeds. She threw them onto the ground and suddenly they became a wide cucumber.

Giant : Hey, what’s this? Cucumbers are everywhere. Hm.. delicious. Okay, I’ll stop a moment. I’m thirsty. Hm.. yummy..yummy..

Timun Mas : Hosh..hosh.. Oh, I’m out of breath. But the giant was eating the cucumbers. This is my chance to run away.

Giant : Whoooahh…!I’m very sleepy. I want to sleep first. After that I’ll find Timun Mas. Wait for me girl, I’ll come and make you my dinner tonight.

Narrator : Timun Mas kept on running as fast as she could. But soon she was very tired herself. And things were getting worse too!The giant had woken up.

Giant : Whoooah!.. Hm. I’m fresh again. Hey.. Timun Mas. You can’t run from me. I’ll get you.Hohoho.. where are you..? C’mon..C’mon, girl.

Timun Mas : Oh, God. He has woken up. What shall I do, God? Please help me. This is my last hope.

Narrator :Desperately she then threw her last weapon, the shrimp paste. The paste turned into a big swamp.

Giant : Oh, no what is this? It’s so sticky and smells fishy!Timun Mas…! I awear I will swallow you as soon as I catch you!

Narrator : The giant fell into swamp but his hands almost reached TimunMas. Suddenly the swamp pulled him to the bottom.

Giant : Oh, no… help…help…help..

Narrator : The giant panicked for he couldn’t breathe. Finally he drowned. Timun Mas was very relieved. She was safe now. From then on, Timun Mas lived happyly with her parents with no fear anymore.


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