Reading and Its Way to Success

Reading is like drinking water in the middle of a desert. Why is it so? The water here is the metaphor of the knowledge contained in what we read, and the desert here depicts our lack in knowledge. Therefore, we can conclude that reading is to suffice the readers’ thirst for knowledge.

In the ancient times, the reading sources are so limited. But now days, there are various kinds of reading sources such as magazine, news paper, book, internet, etc. and a wider range of reading material such as popular or scientific article, report, literary work, etc. But the problem is, “Do readers always accomplish their goals after they read?” Some readers can get what they seek, but many readers still cannot get the slightest idea about the content of the reading materials after they read. And the readers who get nothing after reading tend to feel bored and give up reading because they think that they just waste their time and had better do other fun activities.

In line with the presented facts in the preceding paragraph, this article was written to share our group’s ideas and knowledge to help readers who find difficulties or problems in reading. The article consists of seven parts: introduction, definition of reading, the process of reading, reading comprehension, techniques in reading, tips succeeds in reading, conclusions and references.

There are numerous ways to define reading. According to Collins (1998: 8), reading is a mental process that has two parts: word recognition and comprehension. Furthermore, Collins explained that the act of reading is to recognize words in print and to comprehend their collective meaning. Collins also emphasized that the process of reading is performed inside the human brain. That is why it is called a mental process.

Word recognition occurs when a reader sees a sequence of letters (a word) in print and matches that sequence of letters with a pronunciation and meaning(s) located in his or her brain where information about words is stored (Collins, 1998: 9). In further explanation, Collins said that a reader recognizes a word when he sees the word and makes a connection between the sequence of letters in print and an appropriate meaning and pronunciation in his brain. Therefore, word recognition is an important thing in the whole reading process.

However, whatever theories we use to define reading, it is still required the provided print that in this case refers to text. In general, it can be concluded that there are two main aspects in reading process; the cognitive process occurred in the brain of the reader and the linguistic process printed in the text.

Nowadays, reading has been becoming a meaningful skill in order to gain the world. Reading helps people to literate civilization, enhance knowledge, and master technology. But the problem is people still cannot get the slightest idea about the reading materials after they read or in other word they don’t get the reading sense to access the world. Here are some suggestions on how to get success in reading.

a. Be a Reader<a
Some people read fast and remember everything. Others read slowly and take a couple of times to get all the information. It doesn’t matter, so long when you read you get the information you are seeking.

b. Know the Purpose of Reading
Are you reading for entertainment to learn something? Decide why you are reading before you start and you will greatly improve your comprehension and your enjoyment.

c. Read Important Things You Need
Not every magazine, letter, and email you receive contains information you need. In fact, most of it is simply junk. Throw it away, you will double the amount of time you have available to read. Select the chapters and articles that are important and ignore the rest.

d. Scan before You Read
Look at the table of contents, index, topic readers, photo captions. Etc. these will help you determine if you have a real interest in this reading and what information you are likely to get form it.

e. Prioritize Your Reading
You can’t read everything all at once. If it is important, read it now. If it is not, let it wait.

f. Optimize The Reading Environment
You will read faster and comprehend more if you read in an environment that is comfortable for you.

g. Keep Reading
When you read any text, do not stop when you read. If you finish and have questions, go back and re-read the pertinent sections. If you do not have question, you got what you needed and are ready to move on.

h. Be Focus
Remember, you are reading with a purpose, so focus on that purpose and the material. If you lose interest or keep losing your place, take a break or read something else. You can keep track of where you are by following along with your hand. This simple technique helps you focus and increase your concentration.

i. Keep Practice
The more you read the better reader you will become.

By. Utopia


5 thoughts on “Reading and Its Way to Success

  1. keep in mind that only practice and focus will encourage the knowledge and all efforts….!!! prove it we’ll succeed it

    IQRO’ bismi Robbikalladzi khalaq……!!

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