RPP Bahasa Inggris SMA (Lesson Plan)

School                         : Senior High School

Subject                        : English

Grade/Semester      : X/ Even Semester

Time Allocatoion    : 2 X 45’

Skill                               :  Reading

Text Type                   :  News Item

  1. A.    Standard of Competence

Understanding the meaning of short, functional text and simple essay in the form of narrative, descriptive, and news item in the daily life context to access knowledge

  1. B.     Basic Competence

Responding the meaning and the rhetorical steps in the simple essay accurately, fluently, and acceptably, in the daily life context to access knowledge in the form of News Item

  1. C.    Indicators
    1. Recognizing the core of words and certain chunks of language in news item text
    2. Detecting the generic structure of news item text
    3. Recognizing the communicative function of news item text
    4. Identifying various information given in news item text
    5. Developing reading strategies such as scanning and skimming
  1. D.    Objectives

Students are expected to learn about the core of words and certain chunks of language, generic structure, communicative function of the text, and various information in news item text through the use of Three-Phase technique and by developing scanning and skimming strategies of reading.


  1. E.    Learning Materials
  1. F.      Learning Method
    1. Approach                                  : Contextual Teaching and Learning
    2. Learning Method                     : Cooperative Learning Method
    3. Learning Model/Strategy         : Three Phases Technique
  1. G.    Learning Steps


Time Allocation


  1. Teacher greets the students
  2. Teacher checks student’s attendance





  1. Teacher asks questions related to news item to link students prior knowledge
  2. Teacher asks the students to scan any difficult word in the text and solve it in pair
  3. Teacher shows a picture of the text and ask them to guess what would happen in that picture

While Reading

  1. Teacher explains the way to analyze the news item
  2. Teacher presents about news item analysis, language focus, and communicative function of news item text
  3. Asking the students to discuss and comprehend the text in a group of four.
  4. Asking the students to analyze the given text and have them some exercises to identify general and specific information given in the text, generic structure, and language focus.
  5. Asking students to read another text and do the exercise

Post Reading

  1. Teacher concludes the lesson today by asking students feedback
  2. Teacher ask students to draw a map about the text












  1. Teacher closes the class


  1. H.    Sources
    1. Buku Erlangga, Look Ahead an English Course.
  1. I.       Assessments
    1. Technique         : Answering questions
    2. Forms   : Written
    3. Scoring Criteria

Number of questions: 20




Students score

Questions number1 – 20 Correct answers  2
Wrong answers  0


Maximum score: 40

Students score

X 100 = Students’ final score

Maximum score


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