I am actually a faculty member at University of Teuku Umar, Indonesia who is currently on leave for my Ph.D at The Ohio State University. My area of study is reading and literacy for early and middle childhood education. I am also a co-chair of Al Azhar Education Foundation that administers kindergarten and elementary schools in West Aceh, Indonesia, and a co-founder of Center for Aceh and Social Studies (CASS), which is a research based think-tank in the region. My research interests revolve around language learning and instruction, children literacy and socialization, and teacher education (Check out my scholarly works in Google Scholar). My study at the Ohio State is fully funded by the Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (a.k.a. LPDP). Beside teaching, schooling, and conducting research, I am a part-time-freelance translator and interpreter on Acehnese-Indonesia-English languages (Click here if you need my service) . All in all, I am an educator, a student, a researcher, and a translator/interpreter. Oh, socially though, I am a good friend, a lovely son-brother-uncle, a caring husband, and soon — a great father.

This blog is named after my father, Zubarman whose love, caring, and memory are preserved in my heart. However, the contents of this blog are not, or maybe a few, about my living hero. It is mostly about my trajectory as a human – a small tiny little piece of a larger society, including my thoughts, my admiration for someone’s else texts and ideas, and other random things that I found interesting around me. Some might be extremely dull posts and some others are tedious. If you find something stood out for you or you think it is inspiring, you might be one of those guys on earth who can see the very deep meaning of a soul; an aesthetic observer of God’s creatures. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this blog and please make sure you leave your footprint in any posts of this blog: like, comment, and subscribe!


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